Monday, September 27, 2010

Bubblez Design - Dark Zone Outfit (NEW RELEASE)

Bubblez Design releasing new Dark Zone outfit.
You can wear this 2 styles. With and without the jacket will give you a different look.

Package comes with:
  • Jacket
  • Love necklace chain with a Chinese Character on it
  • Belt
  • Mini Skirt
This is a very cool sexy outfit. The silver chain is really cool and it's all included in this package.

Get it in world: Bubblez Design

Congratulations to the following group members who have won the lucky draw for this outfit:
DrunkenMonkeychan Nyoki, Zahari Ravinelli, Jill Eternal, Kei Ushimawa, Saru Ugimachi, yuyu Alderton, Coral Greymoon, Karenzinha Romano

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