Monday, February 13, 2012

Winner of Bubblez Beauty Photo Contest 2012 - Ms. Fanette Crystal

Congratulation to The One and Only winner of Bubblez Beauty Photo Contest 2012 - Ms. Fanette Crystal
Photographer : LeoMaxx Sautereau
Model : Fanette Crystal
Outfit : BB : Momentori

Ms. Fanette has been awarded:
- 10,000 linden
- Title in group for 1 year: ✿ Bubblez Beauty ✿
- Bubblez Design Beauty Crown

Runners up (in no particular order) goes to:
  • Belen Ackland
  • Makochin Jewell
  • Thor Riegler
  • Tabitha Somersley
  • Mido77077 Liotta
Each of the runners up have been awarded 1,000 linden. Congratulations to all!

Model and Photographer: Belen Ackland (runner up)
Outfit: BB - Lolita Mannequin White

Model and Photographer: Makochin Jewell (runner up)
Outfit: BB - Lolita Mannequin White

Model: Thor Riegler (runner up)
Photographer: Betina Olivieri
Outfit: BB - Bokibara Fur Vest

Model: Tabitha Somersley (runner up)
Photographer: Dana Yotov
Outfit: BB - Sona Outfit and BB - Gothica Nerd Glasses

Model and photographer: Mido77077 Liotta (runner up)
Outfit: BB - Gothica Lolita

Model and photographer: ChelseaBest Resident

  Model and photographer: Cherokeeh Asteria

 Model and photographer: madoromi Resident

 Model and photographer: Amuro Earthboy

 Model and photographer: Quinlan Placebo

Model and photographer: ruderememberence Resident

Model and photographer: Tomo Squal

Model and photographer: Toni Dilley

Few more photos of the contestants available here at
Due to some submission has disabled download of their photo, I'm unable to publish here. Please view from flickr pool.

Thank you all for participating. Love all your photos!!!! Hope you see you again next year.

All photos taken at Bubblez sim