Friday, September 14, 2012

Bubblez Design @ RMK Gothic Halloween Quest October - Preview

Bubblez Design joining RMK Gothic Mall Halloween event this October 2012.

This is a preview of the full oufit from Bubblez Design for this event.
The outfit includes: fur witchery hat, fur outfit, short, necklace, anklet and riding broom.

This is a Halloween Quest event hold by RMK Gothic Mall
Upon completion of each quest, prize from each participating stores will be given randomly.

Participating stores:
・AD Creations Doll House
・nukunuku pocket
・:::Dimbula Rose:::
・Down Down Down
・:: c.A. :: chocolate atelier
・World's End Garden
・Wretched Dollies
・Bubblez Design
・Rotten Toe
・+Theater Chain+

Watch out for this event next month (October 2012):
PLAcE :  RMK Gothic Mall
DATE : 1st Oct.~31st.Oct (Japan time)
Event blog:

There is a box to post your inquiry on the event centre once you land.