Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bubblez Design - I Love Chocolate Outfit (New Release)

Bubblez Design New Year release - I Love Chocolate Outfit. New Year promotion price selling at only 88L.

The following lucky group members have won this outfit:
  • Coffee Summerwind
  • cheeseandchocolate
  • Sunlovedays
  • Hera Melodie
  • Yuuki Swords
  • mary Miranifone
  • Sharron Domenici
  • Lum Akiri
  • Rei Anthony
  • syou Ruby
  • Mai Rufus
  • Mary Wickentower
  • queenbee8 ryba
  • lucia paramour
  • ai Zenoria
  • Maggi Mint
  • lolique solo
  • chiorin Magic

A fun group gift: Peace Bear New Year Headband. You can get this free for your New Year Party.

TP to Bubblez Design

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