Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Congratulations To Lucky Winners

Congratulations to the following SL Residents who have won the BB - Goggles Hair for Mid Autumn Festival Celebration.

Ok, I can't count. There are more than 28 winners hehehe because you are all so great ^^

Alis Melodie, Avoid Clarity, BabyEmily Swords, BlueRainColour Xuisse, Blush Requiem, Chalice Piers, Charlee Anthony, Dixie Lisle, Emerald Wynn, ERI Chayoo, etarun Edenflower, Isabela Blackrain, Jean Snowfall, JoanaDarki Lionheart, LiZu Melody, Melymelo Melody, Ninian Blackrain, Raggdoll Carter, reioh Xue, ribbon Honi, Salam Setzer, SashaSlava Milos, Taiga Nirvana, TicianeDankner Blackrain, Yui Ghostraven, yuyu Alderton, Yuzuki Eiren, ziggy Bookmite, Lum Akiri, tenten chun, Quinlan Placebo, camille Kirby, Ui Pooley, wakaba serin, Katsuya Darwin, Domino Tempest

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